Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

Tassie Tiger Hunt 4 Pillion

Meeting at: 6 Waterfront Place Port Melbourne vic 3207

On: 09-Feb-2018 at 06:30PM

This event is CLOSED. Registrations ceased on 24-Dec-2017

This is a limited capacity event. Registration numbers are capped to 5 participants.

Event price is $130.00.



Tassie Tiger Hunt ’18 – Pillion Registration

  On: 9-Feb-2017 to 18-Feb-2017

 The 2018 Tiger Hunt is capped at 36 riders plus pillions. The Club needs to collect a registration fee of $130 from all participants but only bikes/riders count toward the cap. For this reason, pillions must register for a separate, uncapped event.

 Riders, please ensure you are accepted for the proper Tiger Hunt Event before handing over $130 for your pillion!

  Please Note: Starting this ride is your agreement that you have read and agreed to 'UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES' in the 'Join a Ride' page



We're meeting here ... 6 Waterfront Place Port Melbourne vic 3207