Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

Garry's Long Hot Licola Ride

Meeting at: 402 Belgrave Gembrook Road Emerald

On: 21-Jan-2018 at 09:30AM

This event is CLOSED. Registrations ceased on 21-Jan-2018



Luck your licence with a lope to Licola. This will likely be a hot day, scorching sun, soft tarmac, hot tyres ride covering 500 odd kilometres. Only experienced riders who can withstand a long hot day in the saddle, and maintain the speed limit, need apply.

 If you are a city slicker you'll need to leave home by 8am and probably wont be back before six. The meeting place is new so you'll need your GPS or google maps plus a gallon of water. We'll leave from the hills so you get to experience what the tree huggers love early in the morning, followed by a good coffee.

 Meeting at Zest Café, 402 Belgrave Gembrook Rd, Emerald (that'll confuse them). There is a servo next door, a good café with good coffee, some outdoor seating and with plenty of parking opposite (with extra parking next to the servo. It will take those from suburbia around an hour to get there so we'll aim for a 9:00 coffee for a 9:30 am departure. If you get lost just look for the Police station and we'll be diagonally across the street (so no burnouts).

 We'll stop for fuel in Moe (134 Km), pie at Licola, Fuel at Heyfield (177 km) and end the ride at the Longwarry Caltex (113 km). Total distance 424 km plus commute should make is a 550 - 600 km for most.

  Please Note: Starting this ride is your agreement that you have read and agreed to 'UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES' in the 'Join a Ride' page






We're meeting here ... 402 Belgrave Gembrook Road Emerald