Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

Phillip Island Fun Day on Monday 25th November

Meeting at: Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC, 3922

On: 25-Nov-2019 at 07:30AM

This event is now OPEN for registration by club members. Registration CLOSES after 21-Nov-2019.

This is a limited capacity event. Registration numbers are capped to 95 participants.

Event price is $320.00.


Monday seems to be the preferred day for Fun Day lovers and we've been able to secure a Monday, and in late November when the weather is usually perfect.

And it's now open for registration peeps, so ready, set, go.  No need to wait for Jane Bunn, as the event may be closed by then anyway.

Due to some insurance changes, this year we're operating under a MV permit, which means MV licences are required.  But because we're feeling generous and it's new, we'll give you a day licence for free.

Registrations will be capped at 100, allowing 4 groups of around 25 riders, to allow for plenty of track time and plenty of room.


We'll also have suspension, tyre and photographic services available on the day. Members of >12 months doing their first PI Fun Day will also be eligible for a $50 refund (after the event) as encouragement for you to experience a special day you will not forget.  Because we know you'll keep coming back for more :-)


This event is now open to members and guests.  Members should log in before registering, else you'll be charged the non-member rate of $320 rather than $295.


Please ensure you understand your responsibilities, click here. By joining this ride it will be deemed that you have acknowledged and accepted the risk.

As this is a Fun Day, extra rules applysee here.



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Invitational Member Registration

This Event is open for Invitational Member Registration. If you are a member of the Ducati Owners Club Victoria please do not use this registration option, login to the website first.

Invitational Membership is a temporary membership of the Ducati Owners Club of Victoria that lasts for 1 event. If you're interested in attending regular DOCV events why not apply for full membership here?


We're meeting here ... Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC, 3922