Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

Mini Tourismo Place Holder

On: 07-Mar-2020

This event is NOT YET OPEN for registration. Registrations will commence on 31-Jan-2020.


Mini Tourismo planning is underway, will be a limited number event.

Some of the roads we will be covering include the Bonang Hwy, Snowy Mountains, Mitta Mitta just to name a few.

This event is open to those who are capabale and comfortable to spend long days in the saddle covering at least 500km in a day grabbing a bite to eat at fuel stops, if this is somethoing you are not comfortable with do not register, but if you want to travel on arguably some of the best roads this country has to offer outside Tassie then hop on.

Full details TBA.  



Please ensure you understand your responsibilities,click here. By joining this ride it will be deemed that you have acknowledged and accepted the risk.