Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

Doing Dargo Singles

Meeting at: 1090 Wellington Road, Rowville VIC 3178

On: 28-Nov-2020 at 09:00AM

This event is CLOSED. Registrations ceased on 22-Nov-2020

This is a limited capacity event. Registration numbers are capped to 15 participants.

Event price is $70.00.



 Doing Dargo

This registration is for singles only and will be staying in the Cabins

Leaving The Butlers Pantry at 9.00am and following Glenn here there and everywhere inbetween to our final destination of Dargo for many a laugh and merry enjoyment.

We all need this one..


Many Covid restrictions will still be in place, everyone must social distance and when not on the bike a face mask must be worn


Please ensure you understand your responsibilities,click here. By joining this ride it will be deemed that you have acknowledged and accepted the risk.


We're meeting here ... 1090 Wellington Road, Rowville VIC 3178