Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

Up and coming Club Events

Here are the up-and-coming Club events.  The Club run many sorts of events from our fortnightly weekend rides, through to overnighters or weekends away (not to be missed) to our fantastic Fun Day events at the Phillip Island circuit.  This is the place to keep your eye on to see what is happening. 

Events may appears here before registration is open and also may continue to show when full if the event is a limited-numbers event. 

Many events are free, some are not, some events require a deposit or full payment up front, some events have limited numbers.  So, be sure to check the event details by clicking on the event below.

Only financial club members may book an event, although unless the event is specified as 'members only', club member may book for their non-members guests.  Again, check the event details.

There are 29 Up-and-coming club events

Title Date Time Location Price Status
DOCV Zoom General Meeting with Levi Day 21-Apr-2020 Manningham Hotel - OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 19-May-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 16-Jun-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
The Ballbiter, The Gooseneck and The Turdberg - Midweek 17-Jun-2020 09:30AM BP Bulla - OPEN
Neils Place Holder 21-Jun-2020 - OPEN
A Winters Ride by Chris Hodge 05-Jul-2020 - OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 21-Jul-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
John Willis Place Holder 02-Aug-2020 - OPEN
Paul's Place Holder 16-Aug-2020 - OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 18-Aug-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
Rhett's Get ready to Rumble Place Holder 30-Aug-2020 - OPEN
Garry Walhalla Place Holder 06-Sep-2020 - OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 15-Sep-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
Midweek Place Holder 16-Sep-2020 - OPEN
Red Plate Ride 11-Oct-2020 - OPEN
The Glenn & Armando's Gourmet Mystery Overnighter 17-Oct-2020 09:00AM The Butler's Pantry, Rowville $110.00 OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 20-Oct-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
L2's to Inline 4 - Midweek 21-Oct-2020 09:30AM The Butler's Pantry, Rowville - OPEN
Rhett's Ride Place Holder 01-Nov-2020 - OPEN
Festival of Italian Motorcycles 15-Nov-2020 09:00AM - OPEN
DOCV General Meeting 17-Nov-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
Stand & Deliver - Midweek 18-Nov-2020 09:30AM BP Bulla - OPEN
Neils Place Holder 22-Nov-2020 - OPEN
Doing Dargo Place Holder 28-Nov-2020 - YET TO OPEN
Paul's Place Holder 06-Dec-2020 - OPEN
DOCV Xmas Meeting 15-Dec-2020 07:00PM Manningham Hotel - OPEN
Gav's HO HO HO Ride 20-Dec-2020 - OPEN
Geoff's New Year Strathbogie Ride 02-Jan-2021 09:30AM Beechworth Bakery Healesville - OPEN
Garry Red Hot One to Licola 07-Feb-2021 - OPEN