Ducati Owners Club of Victoria


As the ever changing situation with the COVID-19 virus has impacted so many businesses it has also impacted on our Club activities.  As such all rides have been cancelled until June including the planned overnight rides, both the Broadford and Phillip Island Fun Days are also cancelled. General meetings will be via Zoom so you can still dial in and see our smiling faces and we will still have a printed Desmoto for April.  It will go online thereafter.  We hope this all passes quickly but until we are on the other side, stay safe and we'll see you on Facebook, Zoom or maybe even a PS4 competition soon!


The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria formed in 1976 with a few dedicated Ducati enthusiasts.  Since then, as a club we have grown to over 400 members and we cover a lot of different aspects of Ducati ownership like track days, day rides, overnight rides, holidays, club permits, tools, manuals and books, social events, rider training, first aid training, discounts for spares, workshop days, and so on.  

You'll meet all kinds in the Ducati family, those restoring their 1950 Cucciolo, those with the latest hyper-sports Panigale looking for a personal best lap times, those just starting out with their first LAMS bike or just their first Ducati, and those just looking for the meditation of the black-top with a weekend away to meet new friends and have a bevvy or three.  One thing is for sure, you'll find you've got something in common with all of them.

Have a look at some of the links on the left to learn more about the club and our great club magazine 'Desmoto'.

Or maybe you just want some Ducati Club merchandise.  We've got that too.  :-)

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