Ducati Owners Club of Victoria

The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria is an Incorporated Association with a Committee consisting of 7 members (or more if there is a joint Office-bearer, such as Co-Captains). The Committee positions are:

  • President - Chairs the general meetings and Committee meetings and generally runs the show.
  • Vice-President - looks after all things membership-related.
  • Secretary - makes sure the show runs in accordance with the DOCV Constitution.
  • Treasurer - responsible for all things financial.
  • Club Captain - plans and manages the DOCV events.
  • Editor - manages the production and distribution for Desmoto, DOCV's official magazine.
  • Spares Officer - manages the inventory of tools, service items and spare parts owned by DOCV.


Current DOCV Committee:


Melanie Reynolds
Melanie Reynolds

Vice President

Rachael Alexander
Rachael Alexander


PK Photo 2
Peter Kardaras


Evan Rubenstein

Desmoto Editor

Matthias Siegel

Club Captain

Joe R
Joe Ruspandini


Daryl Grant
Daryl Grant



Sub-Committee members and non-Committee Office-bearers:

Club Permit Officer

Daryl Grant
Daryl Grant

Merchandise Officer

Aldo Mosenich
Aldo Mosenich


Garry Elphinstone
Garry Elphinstone


PreFlight Pty Ltd


Committee Elections:

To provide the Committee with a level of continuity year-to-year, elections are held at the Annual General Meeting for half of the Committee positions.

In odd-numbered years:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Club Captain
  • Spares Officer

In even-numbered years:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Editor

Nominations are called in April, elections are held at the AGM in June and the term of office is two years. President can serve a maximum of two terms.


Past Committee Members and Office-bearers:

The success of DOCV is attributed to the dedication and hard work of a lot of people, past and present. Click here to download the DOCV Committee History spreadsheet.